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sri mad bhagwat katha varindavan

India is a land of rich ancient culture and tradition. India has the deepest Spiritual Philosophy with many saints; sages born on this holy land and have enlighten us with their invaluable knowledge of life & the ultimate truth. Among the various Sant Mahatmas who have made the land of India pure and devotional is “SRI SRI GURUDEV SWAMI SRI PARDEEP KAUSHAL JI MAHARA” is not only a preacher a kathakar but a Holy man who by his words his knowledge his wisdom has brighten and enlighten many to the path of truth satya.
In the year 1975 on September 7, on the holy land of India in the state of PUNJAB, CITY RAJPURA,( DISTT PATIALA)SWAMI JI was born. From the very beginning “SRI SRI GURUDEV” showed the signs of brilliancy and deep knowledge of Spirituality
Also, SRI SRI GURUDEV’S great mother Smt.Mohini Devi was a devotee of THAKURJI and used to perform “arti” and sing glories (kirtan) of THAKURJI every day with ladies group of sankirtan.She along with ladies purchase a land which now a days taken a picture of spiritual place“GEETA BHAWAN”. The child Pardeep Kaushal also used to be with her during these religious “puja” or “kirtan”. The result was that SRI SRI GURUDEV, as an infant, began to take such puja / archna studiously and evolve into a spiritually-inclined personality.
Education: SRI SRI GURUDEV did his schooling in Rajpura (Patiala). He was very sharp in his studies and was one of the most brilliant students in the school. His uncanny hold in SCIENCE,MATHEMATICS besides other subjects, astonished his teachers. They prophesied that the boy would do proud to his family and COUNTERY in whatever field he would enter and upward movement was pre-ordained.
Child PARDEEP never missed opportunities of attending religious sermons / kathas / programmes taking place in the neightbourhood. He stunned the people around by giving “quotes” / examples from SRI RAM CHARITMANAS AND FROM ALL SANT LIFE at such a tender age.
While carrying on his school studies and “inspiring” people to lead a righteous and pure life, SRI SRI GURUDEV began to feel in his heart that his mission in life was entirely different and his destination lay in “Adhyatam” i.e. spiritualism
SRI SRI GURUDEV has been giving 9 day-long sermons (kathas) in Hindi all over the INDIA. He has conducted many kathas, most of them based on the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas which works about RAMA as well as many deovtees of BHAGWAN RAMA and SRI MAD BHAGWAT other such works about the gopis of Vrindavan singing of the glory of Krishna. The study of the Ramcharitamanas would take place today which is known as Chitrakut Dham in Talgajarda and has become a place of pilgrimage for thousands of people
With the passage of time, SRI SRI GURUDEV did 1st Bhagwat kata in 2010 at Krishna Mandir,Mandi Gobindgarh
SRI SRI GURUDEV loves to be among the common man, he listen to their problem, discusses and shows them the right path they should follow. He helps through his preaching’s to devoid harshness and accepts purity peace with positive outlook. Following the Dharma and doing the Karma with a pure heart, mind & soul. SRI SRI SRI GURUDEV is an inspiration to the people be it any caste, creed, gender or race. Be it rich or poor SRI SRI GURUDEV enlightens the soul with his katha, his pravachans and preaching’s brings the feeling that God resides in every human being. He shows a way of uniting not just one nation, but the whole of human race, while, at the same time preserving their individual fragrances.